Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unique Skill

Changing a little sense of the post, I leave you with an incredibleability to Juan Mata. Can see how humiliated Raul Albiol. Not fornothing plays in Barselona.

If you like football, practice it, if not ... Just enjoy it


  1. jajaj que lindo, aparte le chupa un huevo que siga la jugada, se va agarrandose la cabeza...NICE NICE COQUITOU

    ah che agregame de vuelta porque me aparecio tu solicitud en el cel y no se que toque, asi te agrego desde la pc lautaro.girard@hot

  2. He's probably got his jock on backwards after that move!

  3. nice, i couldnt catch it until the end of the video. that was slick.

  4. EPIC!

    I wish I had that level of co-ordination!

  5. hrm video is not working for me. I'll have to google it

  6. Guy must be a beast at hacky sack


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